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Executives & Business Owners

Client Centered

We provide a comprehensive analysis of your overall financial picture - including working to optimize the value of your compensation package and executive benefits - and can help identify and implement the appropriate solutions, services and strategies for your situation. Please note that we are best suited to assist clients with a minimum asset level of $1,000,000. On occasion, we may accept certain clients below this asset level on a case by case basis at our discretion (examples would be referrals from existing clients such as family members or colleagues, referrals from legal or tax advisors, or situations where we feel we may offer effective advice and service).

  • How do I evaluate my professional risk?
  • How do I integrate my stock options into my overall wealth plan?
  • How can I better diversify my concentrated, restricted or controlled stock positions?
  • How can I get the most from my Restricted Stock Units (RSUs)?
  • How do I best plan for my child's educational expenses?
  • I need assistance with planning for a future liquidity event.
  • How do I ensure my trust and estate is properly set up to pass on my assets to my children or grandchildren?

The Lewis Financial Group does not give tax or legal advice. Discussions around tax and legal concerns are strictly in an investment advisory capacity. You are encouraged to consult with an appropriately licensed accountant or attorney regarding implementation of your tax or legal plans.

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